Mining Company Explores Solar Energy Solutions in Niger

Mining Company Explores Solar Energy Solutions in Niger

GoviEx Uranium Inc. has reportedly signed a MoU with Windiga Energy Inc., to use hybrid solar power solutions to evaluate the feasibility of powering the company’s flagship Madaouela project in Niger in a joint venture.

Windiga Energy, a Canadian energy developer  is focused on developing, owning and operating renewable energy facilities and off-grid smart power systems on the African continent. Meanwhile, GoviEx — a mineral resource company is focused on the exploration and development of uranium properties.

The two companies in their initial discussions and collaboration would reportedly target energy solutions. The intent would be to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 20,000 tons per annum. They would also aim to provide sustainable, renewable power at about 25% lower cost than traditional coal-fired options currently available in the country. It is said that coal-fired power costs are currently forecast at about 4% of the total life of mine operating costs.

Meanwhile, GoviEx has reportedly requested Windiga to verify the feasibility of a solution to power the Madaouela Project. The feasibility would reportedly verify both the project and the surrounding local community through a hybrid power plant combining diesel generators and solar PV panels with a total installed capacity of a minimum of 20MW.

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As per the terms of the MoU, in the case of a favourable result from a feasibility study, GoviEx would have an opportunity to negotiate a power purchase agreement for the priority supply of electricity for an initial term of 21 years, which could be extended at the request of GoviEx.

Meanwhile, Govind Friedland, the chairman of the company said that they were pleased to begin exploring cleaner alternatives to power their future development activities in partnership with Windiga. He added that the benefits of renewable, lower-cost energy were obvious, and they were looking forward to updating their stakeholders on the results of these studies.