Are Solar Warranties Transferrable to a New Homeowner?

Are Solar Warranties Transferrable to a New Homeowner?

When you buy your residential solar panels from EcoMark Solar, they are warrantied 3 different ways for up to 25 years. And the answer is yes, the warranties are transferable – completely – to the new homeowner.

When and if you sell your home after you’ve installed solar panels, there are several benefits. First, your increased home equity value includes the full price of the solar panels – according to the FHA. Second, 80% of people searching for their new home are looking for homes with the added value of energy saving/producing features and are willing to pay more for that value – according to the National Association of Realtors. Third, all remaining warranties of that solar panel system sold by EcoMark Solar will be honored and can transfer in full to the new homeowner, which is a wonderful selling point.

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If you choose to go solar, then choose to sell your house, you will reap many benefits, from added equity, to a more popular home listing, to transferable warranties. According to most statistics, solar homes sell twice as fast as non solar homes due to their obvious energy-producing / lower energy bill benefits.

For more specific answers to questions about selling a house with solar on it, contact EcoMark Solar today.

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