Do I Need a New Roof Before I Get Solar Panels?

Do I Need a New Roof Before I Get Solar Panels?

For the vast majority of our solar installs, the existing roof is quite usable. So the general answer to this question is, “No, you probably don’t need a new roof before you go solar.”

That being said, there are few conditions that will require us to re-roof before we install solar panels. Here are the main roofing concerns:


Have you been hit by hail or a wind storm recently and not gotten your roof replaced yet?

If you have been hit by a storm that did visible damage to the outside of your house, it is likely you’ll have enough damage to warrant an insurance claim for a new roof. Our site auditor will do a roof evaluation and if you have sufficient damage to warrant a claim, we will let you know and assist you with the roofing claim, if desired.

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We can easily work a roof replacement request around a solar install.


Is your roof wood shake shingle?

Your insurance company will force you to get a new roof if you still have wood shake shingles. EcoMark Solar can not get the proper permits in place until you replace your wood shake shingle roof.


There are a few specialty roof types that require extra roofing work, but those types of roofs are few and far between. So again, in general, the answer is no, you won’t need a new roof to go solar, but until the site auditor has finished evaluating your roof, we won’t know for sure.


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