Youth Perspective: Kathryn Morin

Youth Perspective: Kathryn Morin

The Closure
by Kathryn Morin

Did you hear? Creatures from far away lands
have arrived at our port.

They come from a planet with
continents of dirt,
murderous fire,
and vengeful oceans.

They said
violent blizzards froze over
their babies.
The ground was so dry they couldn’t bury the dead.
There was a time when
the hogging of food starved the old
and left the young to wander
desolate fields of bone.

They said
When all hope was lost,
disease struck down
what was left of their people.
A lush and vibrant home had
melted ‘way into a place no longer
myth and legend;
Hell had been within them all along.

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When the story came to a close
one refugee looked at me and said:
“Our parents knew what they would cause,
and yet
they didn’t

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