Residential storage hybrid inverter from Solis now available to installers in the United States

Residential storage hybrid inverter from Solis now available to installers in the United States

Residential Solis Storage Inverter _2.13.20

Ginlong Technologies sent word that its residential energy storage inverter is now available to U.S. installers. The Smart Home Solis Solution incorporates single-phase string technology into an intelligent hybrid platform to support maximum self-consumption, safely and reliably.

“Designed for flexibility and performance, our new hybrid storage inverter brings industry-defining efficiency to solar-plus-storage systems,” says Natascha Hood, Ginlong Director of Residential Sales.

Product specs and features

The Solis storage inverter combines 98.4% efficiency with a wide product range (5 to 10 kW) and dynamic MPPT (2 MPPTs with 4 DC inputs) to generate higher yield and stronger ROI for residential customers.

Customers can maximize their self-consumption with flexible operating modes such as time-of-use and off-grid backup, enabling smart time shifting to leverage TOU schedules and optimize energy use.

UPS-ensured backup and smart EMS functions are among the latest safety components that protect homes and let homeowners glide through blackouts safely and reliably. The inverter includes a built-in Sunspec MLRSD signal transmitter and is ready for NEC 2017-2020 versions.

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The Solis hybrid inverter enclosure is completely sealed with built-in AC/DC wiring box and ATS. Hybrid capabilities such as export values and battery configurations can be programmed through the inverter’s large color LCD. Additional advantages include streamlined O&M through remote monitoring using our 24-hour intelligent energy management system.

Compatible with LG Home RESU and other 120V-500V lithium batteries, the Solis hybrid inverter helps households maximize their PV energy and lock in energy savings.

— Solar Builder magazine