Mainers! Apply April 1 for Municipal Solar Tax Exemption

Mainers! Apply April 1 for Municipal Solar Tax Exemption

Part of a powerful package of solar bills passed in 2019 was a law that offers an exemption to local property tax on solar projects in Maine. To receive this exemption, you need to file a form with Maine Revenue Services (MRS) by April 1, 2020 — luckily you only need to do this once during the lifetime of your system.

As a courtesy, ReVision Energy is providing information on applying for this exemption and the form via MRS. However note that this is not official tax guidance, and any questions should be guided to Maine Revenue Services – 207-624-9784.

Who needs to fill this out?

Any owner of a solar energy system wishing to enjoy the property tax exemption — you need to fill this out regardless of the age of your system.

Do I need to fill this out every year?

Nope, just one time for the life of the system.


Guide to understanding the Renewable Energy Tax Exemption form:

  • Basic contact details are obvious enough… you also need to know your property’s map and lot #, deed reference book and page.
  • Most of the information, including gross cost of system, net cost of system, estimate annual generation, system size, date connected, etc. can be found in your ReVision Energy proposal (sample proposal shown below).
  • Some fields can be tricky to get information from and we recommend leaving blank (per instructions). These are:
    • Annual Renewable Energy Credit Benefit
    • Degradation
  • Also, don’t be confused about the section on Inverter Replacement… If your inverter was replaced under warranty, that does not belong there, it only is appropriate for systems that are old enough to warrant a replacement of aging inverter equipment.
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Where to find key details in your ReVision Energy proposal:

(if you don’t have your proposal anymore, just get in touch with us and we can dig up a copy for you from our files!)

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