What Does the MYSUN Solar Calculator have to say about Businesses Going Solar in Chandigarh?

What Does the MYSUN Solar Calculator have to say about Businesses Going Solar in Chandigarh?


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Chandigarh for the past few years has emerged as a top outsourcing hub and thriving hub for businesses, especially in the IT and higher education space. One of the key reasons for this is the availability of a great business environment and a skilled workforce. Therefore, Chandigarh has evolved as a market with a lot of investor interest with thriving SME and MSMEs. Along with neighbouring cities – Mohali and Panchkula, Chandigarh is looking to become a focal point for upcoming businesses.

It is imperative for businesses and entrepreneurs in Chandigarh to understand the importance of solar energy when it comes to running a profitable business in these modern times. We have written about how corporates and SMEs in Chandigarh can go solar and save millions, but what about the solar savings potential for businesses in the UT?

This is where MYSUN’s Solar Calculator can help, by giving business owners a quick estimation of their business or industry’s savings potential if they go solar, in just 10 seconds.

The Solar Savings Potential of Businesses in Chandigarh:

Let’s take the example of an emerging IT business with its centres based out of IT Park Road, Phase – 1, Manimajra, Chandigarh; having a monthly expenditure of INR 1,00,000 on their power bills which leads to an annual expenditure of up to INR 12,00,000.

Within ten seconds, using this input the MYSUN Solar Calculator tells us about the potential savings of the business centre.

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MYSUN Solar Calculator with input bill amount if INR 100000 for commercial setups in Chandigarh

MYSUN Solar Calculator report showing the savings on electricity bills for commercial setups in Chandigarh

As you can see, by solarizing one commercial building the IT business stands to save INR 56,076 every month, which sums up to a total savings of around 6.7 lacs annually. And that’s just for one commercial establishment, if the IT business were set to solarize four of their commercial properties, they could be potentially looking at annual savings of around 27 lacs, and lifetime savings above 7.6 crores.

Saving such a copious amount of electricity expenditure can lead to great positive results in the long-run for any future business. Given that the lifetime of a Solar Plant is about 25 years, you are basically assured of free power, once your solar system pays back for itself in 3~4 years time. This goes to show that solar is not just necessary for businesses to save money, but also to improve their bottom line and boost long-term profitability.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need to start investing in solar energy as it can have great positive implications for them in the future, and as Chandigarh is set to be the next business hub, going solar in Chandigarh should be a key priority in their business plans.

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