MYSUN Solar calculator Says: Businesses in Rajasthan have a Tremendous Saving Potential!

MYSUN Solar calculator Says: Businesses in Rajasthan have a Tremendous Saving Potential!

Solar In Rajasthan

Rajasthan, one of the largest states of India is one of the most popular industrial hubs of the country. With such an affluent economy, power becomes an uncompromised necessity for businesses in the state. While most businesses depend on traditional sources of electricity to fulfill their power requirements, some enterprises are smartly switching to solar and saving millions in the process. For example :

  1. The below textile manufacturing unit in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, which is saving approximately INR 190 Lacs every year on their power bills after going solar with MYSUN. The details of which you can check here.

    1.7 MW solar power plant in Bhilwara Rajasthan

  2. The below cement packaging manufacturing unit in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, which is saving INR 49 Lacs every year after going solar with MYSUN. The details are here.

    397.6kW solar power plant in Chittorgarh Rajasthan

Similar to these businesses, any business in Rajasthan can increase their financial capabilities by harnessing the abundantly available solar energy in the state. So what does it look like for your business? How much could you save? The MYSUN Solar calculator explains this, precisely.

Your Business’s Solar Potential as per the MYSUN Solar Calculator

The MYSUN Solar Calculator is an inhouse developed technologically advanced tool which helps power consumers evaluate their solar savings potential before going solar. It does so by furnishing a detailed report on the savings a business can make on power bills by going solar, the investment that the business will need to make in order to go solar, the most optimum solar system size that the business should consider to meet all its power requirements and the economics of going solar under different financing options and models of solar. Let’s check the case for Rajasthan.

Suppose you are a Prime Packaging Industry in Jaipur, Rajasthan and incur a monthly expenditure of INR 10L on your power bills which leads to an annual expenditure of INR 1.2Cr. Within ten seconds, using this input the MYSUN Solar Calculator tells you that your business can bring its power bills down from INR 10 Lacs a month to INR 3.8 Lacs a month:

solar rooftop in Rajasthan

That’s a saving of INR 71 Lacs every year and a lifetime saving of INR 21 Crores. Saving this capital can give your business a surplus cash flow which could be invested in more important areas of business, such as upgrading your operational technologies in the future to improve your business processes and excel in the market.

Solar systems have a lifetime of at least 25 years. Investing in it basically assures businesses of free power once they break even in 3~4 years time. This goes to show that solar is not just necessary for businesses to save money, but also to improve their profits and boost long-term growth. Therefore, run the MYSUN Solar Calculator now, check your business’s true solar potential in Rajasthan and go solar today.

To know the things that every business and industry should take care of before starting their solar journey, check out our article – 6 Things that Every Industry Should Consider Before Going Solar.

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