Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar Amid COVID-19 Crisis – Solar Powered Hand Wash Basin

Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar Amid COVID-19 Crisis – Solar Powered Hand Wash Basin

Solar Powered Hand Wash Basin

While the world battles unprecedented circumstances, two Ghanaians have come up with a wonderful innovation that has solar power at the heart of it. This innovation makes it to our list of ‘Interesting Ways the World is Using Solar’ this week.

In this blog series, we talk about the interesting ways the world is using solar. We have covered innovations like solar-powered boats, cars, space stations and even airships in the past. Let’s dive in and read more about this interesting wash-basin.

The Innovation and the Innovator of Solar Powered Hand Wash Basins

Richard Kwarteng Aning, a 32-year-old leather shoemaker in Kumasi city of Ghana, has developed a solar-powered hand wash basin along with his brother Jude Osei. The brothers have developed the hand wash basin to promote the 20-second hand wash hygiene; the best-known practice to fight coronavirus until a vaccine is developed, as issued by the health and disease control department of governments and organizations all around the world.

How does this Hand Wash Basin Work and How was it Built?

The Solar Powered Hand Washbasin, is timed with a sensor. As soon as someone places their hands under the tap of the basin, the connected sensors send a signal to ooze the liquid soap out from the tap. Post that a timed alarm goes on for 25 seconds signalling the user to lather their hands for the set time period. After this, the water flows from the tap to rinse the soaped hands and the alarm goes off, indicating that the hand wash is complete.

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As per media reports the idea to build the hand wash basin was conceived by Richard Kwarteng Aning when the government of Ghana announced a two-week lockdown on March 30, 2020. With just 48 hours in hand before the lockdown would begin, Richard immediately acted on the idea, procured the materials and developed it by using some of the most common components available easily in the local market of any city i.e. a sink, a tap, a motherboard, a solar panel, an alarm and a recycled barrel. He then installed the basin with the help of an electrician friend and programmed it with his brother to run when hands or any other item came in contact with its sensors.

MYSUN’s Take on this Innovation

At MYSUN, we really applaud the efforts of building the product. As we pass through these extraordinary times, we will need innovations which are not just out of the box but also use our resources optimally. The wash-basin is an example of the inspiration that human effort is capable of fostering if directed in the right direction. We are sure as time passes by, the model will be refined, and who is to say, this will not become the new norm!

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