MYSUN Solar Calculator: Businesses in Ghaziabad can Save a Ton with Solar Energy

MYSUN Solar Calculator: Businesses in Ghaziabad can Save a Ton with Solar Energy

Businesses In Ghaziabad Saving with Solar

Solar energy has been helping businesses across the world save very substantially, at the same time contribute to the well being of the environment. Add to it the advantage of being an independent power producer and tax benefits that come in India, going solar is no longer a question of if, but when. You will find numerous examples online corroborating this fact, and there are live examples of MYSUN clients who have gone solar and genuinely propelled their business forwards.

Below is a case-study of a plastics manufacturing business in Ghaziabad, which is saving about 7 Lakh Rupees on power bills every year after switching to solar:

80 kWp Solar Plant Case Study

Just like the aforementioned business, every business in Ghaziabad can save a fortune with solar, be it from manufacturing, processing, agriculture or service segment. But how much could the potential savings be? To answer this, we turn to the magical MYSUN Solar Calculator.

The Solar Savings Potential of Businesses in Ghaziabad as per the MYSUN Solar Calculator

The MYSUN Solar Calculator is an advanced online tool that calculates the savings potential of a home, business and even an industry. This is a fantastic way for businesses to forecast their savings from solar in less than 10 seconds, and plan their journey accordingly.

All you need to do is input the average electricity bill amount, location and consumer category i.e commercial or industrial.

MYSUN Solar Calculator

For example, if you are a commercial enterprise based out in Ghaziabad and pay an average monthly electricity bill of 5 Lakhs every month, by running the solar calculator you will see that your business can save approximately 50% of this bill amount if it adopts solar energy. And if you are an industrial set up in Ghaziabad which pays the same average electricity bill every month, you could be saving almost 58% by going solar.

Solar Savings Potential of Commercial Enterprise in Ghaziabad

Solar Savings Potential of Commercial Enterprise with Average Monthly Electricity
bill of 5 Lakhs in Ghaziabad

Solar Savings Potential of an Industrial Setup in Ghaziabad

Solar Savings Potential of an Industrial Setup with Average Monthly Electricity
Bill of 5 Lakhs in Ghaziabad

As you can see from the above screenshots, the output report also provides businesses with a comprehensive report which tells businesses the Optimum Solar System Size that they should consider while going solar and the savings they will reap. You get additional information like the shadow-free area that would be required, the investment that businesses will have to make to go solar with their optimum solar system size, the Return on Investment and the impact they will be making to the environment.

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Other Savings Benefits that Businesses in Ghaziabad can Achieve with Solar

The savings that businesses reap by going solar aren’t only in the form of savings on electricity bills. Solar systems are an asset to businesses and this allows them to avail various tax benefits as per the solar policy of their state. In the context of Ghaziabad, the solar policy of Uttar Pradesh allows businesses in the city to avail Accelerated Tax Depreciation benefits on their solar system investment and a ten year tax holiday on solar projects. This increases the saving benefits from solar for businesses in the city overall.

How to Solarize your businesses with Easy Payment Plans with MYSUN in Ghaziabad?

Even though these saving benefits from solar make solar a lucrative opportunity for businesses in Ghaziabad, given the fact that the majority of businesses in the city belong to the SME and MSME segment, the sizable upfront investment amount of solar systems may pose a challenge for a large number of businesses in the city. To help deal with this issue, the solar policy of Uttar Pradesh allows businesses to avail loans for up to Rs 15 crores for renewable energy projects under Priority sector lending. To make the journey even easier, MYSUN, a company with a strong presence in Ghaziabad, offers its clients an option to Defer the Cost of Solar in easy EMIs through the MYSUN Solar Financing.

Solar is gradually becoming a strategic business decision for every succeeding business in the country. Therefore, choose solar for your business today and stay ahead of your competition in the game.

You can get in touch with MYSUN Solar Advisors for any queries related to solar by calling on +91 8448380218 or writing to us at [email protected].

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